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It all started from a negative event, from a road accident in 1997 to Gennaro Setola, creator of the project, when, as owner, he ran the sports center “Albatros” in Salerno, recently opened.
The forced recovery and the consequent intuition in applying the techniques of rehabilitation in the gym “to global approach” combined then with the millenary oriental wisdom, laid the foundations for the development of the project of holistic discipline  “BodyFly™”.
Participations in the main international conventions of the field, since the early 2000s – Russia, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, America – have confirmed the validity of the project which is among the most innovative and healthy ones, finding application in Holistic, Beauty, Business and Wellness fields.

The Company bodyfly-1
Bodyfly System Company is leader in:
– creation and promotion of “Holistic Training Programs” deriving  from discipline BodyFly™,
– training in the areas of Fitness, Beauty and SPA/Wellness,
– joining the network of “Holistic Integration Centers
– distribution of innovative products (Flyboard™, Bamboo™, Air™) which valorized the concept of BodyFly ™, based on the conscious and healthy movement.
BodyFly System Ltd. employs a team of professionals who share a passion with business initiatives to ensure a quality service, intended primarily for advanced customers of the ” Holistic integration Centers”.

Our Members
All people can get closer to BodyFly™ Program, created especially for each area and application, appreciating both value and effectiveness.
Our goal is to spread a path of unique and innovative well-being that allows anyone to reach a state of general form in terms of energy, mind, body, emotion and spirit.
Users in a professional environment, such as operators of wellness, masseurs, teachers of land and water, counselors and coaches, with the study of BodyFly™ achieve high quality personal, professional and experiential enrichment.
Final users, such as users of services offered in the Holistic Integration Centers (Fitness/Wellness Centers, Beauty Institutes) benefit of the teachings of certified operators to acquire a healthy and natural lifestyle.


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