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BodyFly™ is the discipline of holistic wellness that considers the body “tool of work and election” for gaining corporeal and kinesthetic awareness.
Born from the intuition and the experience of its creator Gennaro Setola, and inspired by the complementarities of two different worlds: the Eastern from which it takes the taste of slowness and expectation, and the western which found its research in the perfection of the conscious movement.
BodyFly, as a discipline of body mediation, involves body, mind and emotions globally, so that the muscle action does not affect the sequence of movements, and makes them almost automatic, natural, spontaneous.
Bodyfly promotes mental and physical well-being in an energetic, sensorial and deep listening path to create a “single flying body“.

Bodyfly develops within Five Thematic Areas, the result of the combination of the functional approach adopted in the West with the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Each Thematic Area has different “Sequential Paths” – a progression of movements of varying intensity, performed slowly and conjugated to the breath – introducing the 16 Positions Encode, creative expression of one’s vital energy.
The benefits can be traced back to the correct postural alignment, to the management of space, to the sense of static-dynamic balance and to the personal growth.

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