is an international body mental coach in Fitness and Beauty SPA/Wellness. 
He is the founder and master trainer of BodyFly®, a holistic discipline that helps gain inner awareness of the body, correct posture and combine breathing with motion to stimulate body-mind wellness.

Gennaro is the President and Professor of BodyFly International Academy – an Institute of Research and Higher Learning, for future fitness/wellness instructors.

He’s also the creator and designer of Flyboard®, a proprioceptive multifunctional tool used in beauty fitness.
He has spoken at Cosmoprof, Esthetiworld, Cidesco, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Congress, as well as many other scientific and health conventions alla round the world.

For years he has been a special guest at many international events involving the beauty, fitness/wellness and Spa industry.
Gennaro Setola is also the creator of “Manager Sano In Corpore Sano“, a Coaching Format to improve “soft skills”, Leadership and Balance Body-mind.  Cell Phone: +39 339 5451366

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