Programmi BodyFly®

Programmi BodyFly®

The 7 Protocols, called “Programs BodyFly ™ BEAUTY” are based on specific movements that integrate seamlessly with the beauty treatments performed in the cabin.

The combined effect of BodyFly™ during aesthetic treatments, has the undisputed advantage to boost the perceived value by the final customer with a result more effective and more durable.  These are:

BodyFly ANTIAGE – PROAGING, anti-aging treatment has the purpose to fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals and the resulting cellular aging. Target: those who want to prevent aging and keep fit. Benefits: maintain skin firmness; stimulate the production of collagen; general welfare.

BodyFly DRAINAGE – DRAIN, draining Treatment aimed at fighting the problems linked to the micro-circulation and the malfunctions related to it: water retention, cellulite and swellings more or less obvious. Target: those who present overweight and water retention. Benefits: improvement of microcirculation; reactivation of the main pumps venous; general welfare.

BodyFly SLIMMING – SLIM, slimming treatment is designed to fight above all the problems concerning overweight and cardiovascular diseases related to it.       Target: those who present overweight and localized fat. Benefits: reactivate the basal metabolic rate; reduce fat mass by increasing energy expenditure; general welfare.

BodyFly TONING – TONIC, invigorating treatment  designed to promote the increasing of muscle tone and the firming of the body.        Target: those who lack muscle tone and those who want to maintain a decent run of form. Benefits: Increased flexibility and muscle tone; avoid imbalances and postural imbalances; general welfare.

BodyFly ENERGIZING – ENERGY, energizing treatment aimed at removing any blockages and stagnations to reactivate the Energetic Meridians’ flows including the corresponding organs. Target: operators of wellness, those who want to reactivate the energetic flows and remove emotional blocks. Benefits: revitalize the entire energetic psychophysical system; support the physiological function of organs; general welfare.

BodyFly DETOX – DETOX, The detoxifying treatment aimed at eliminating toxins caused by chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, irritability and stress to contribute to the recovery and to the mental and physical well-being. Target: those who have problems of irritability, muscle pain, accumulation of food toxins. Benefits: reduce toxins in the body; increase metabolism; general welfare. Logo Cidesco eng

BodyFly RELAXING – RELAX, The relaxing treatment is intended to free mind and emotions from negative stress and achieve a state of calm and inner well-being. Target: those who want to eliminate stress and rediscover a state of inner well-being. Benefits: positive and happy mood; general welfare.

Every BodyFly Beauty Protocol, certified by CIDESCO,  is matched to an aesthetic and wellness treatment. The integration ensures a greater result both aesthetically and psycho / energetically.
In addition, at long-term, you can prevent muscle imbalances, degenerative diseases, bad posture, any “blocks” energy, cellular aging and skin deformations.

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