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BodyFly International Academy is seeking International Flyboard® Master Trainers.

“Do you want to become the FIRST Flyboard Master Trainer in your Country?” Registration for Flyboard International Education is now open!Foto Flyboard International

You will have 3 days of intense training with head master Gennaro Setola, inventor of the Flyboard® Wellness Tool.

DSC_2950The programs will be:
Flyboard BASIC to acquire foundation training of Flyboard
Flyboard BALANCE to improve body control
suitable for Body Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Postural and BodyFly trainings.

Date and Where: Milan, January 22nd-24th, 2016

After the 3 days course, you’ll take an exam to become a Flyboard Master Trainer allowing you to teach other instuctors and start a power business to sell Flyboard in your Country.

For information write to us: estero@bodyfly.com 

Registration will close December 31st, 2015. 


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